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Episode 5: An App for Accountability

How can we hold our governments accountable? It’s a fundamental question of democracy, one that humans have been wrestling with for millenia. But recently, technology has disrupted the way we think about this problem and its potential solutions.  


In this episode, we’ll explore how online platforms enable citizens to keep their representatives in check, from New York City to Kabul, Afghanistan. In Kabul, activist Sara Wahedi is at the forefront of the emerging field of civic technology. Join us as Sara tells us about growing up in Canada as a refugee, returning to Afghanistan and working for the President’s Office, and the many incidents, big and small, that her civic tech startup tackles every day in an effort to make Afghan’s lives safer.   



Read the full transcript -- coming soon!

Get Involved

  • Donate to Sara's GoFundMe to support Ehtesab in keeping Afghans safe.

  • Sara was recently featured in TIME magazine’s “Next Generation Leaders” issue, which you can find here. She was also chosen as one of BBC's "100 Women of 2021," which you can read here.

  • Follow Sara on Twitter.


  • Coming soon!

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