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Benjamin and Trisha in their "recording studio" (a.k.a. Benjamin's parents' closet)

Trisha and Benjamin met on their gap years, when they traveled through South America climbing mountains, learning about human rights, practicing Spanish, and getting a bit too familiar with each other’s hygiene habits. They stayed best friends throughout college. 

Benjamin now studies sociology at Colorado College and Trisha graduated from Columbia University with degrees in human rights and creative writing.



Trisha Mukherjee - Creator, Host, & Producer

Trisha Mukherjee graduated from Columbia University with a B.A. in human rights and creative writing in 2021. She is an aspiring audio journalist who aims to cover issues relating to decolonization, women's rights, and language justice through a global lens. She has reported on gentrification in Harlem, conducted oral histories of the 1947 Partition of India, and written a book on anti-trafficking activism.


Benjamin Swift - Creator, Host, & Producer

Benjamin Swift is a fourth year student at Colorado College pursuing a B.A. in sociology and environmental issues. He first became interested in activism through an environmental nonprofit he founded to reduce disposable plastic use in his Colorado hometown. At Colorado College, he has volunteered at a local County Jail, interviewed activists about anti-mining social movements in Mexico, and advocated to decrease energy usage on campus.


Otis Gray - Editorial Advisor & Mentor

Otis Gray produces radio and podcasts, with stories featured on The Moth Radio Hour, WBUR's Only A Game, and Milk Street Radio among others. He has also produced branded content with the likes of Slate, Headspace, Express Employment Professionals, and British Airways. He is a four-time Moth StorySlam champ, he does sound workshops with kids K-6, teaches Hindenburg editing classes at the PRX Podcast Garage, and hosts the show Sleepy


Naina Durga - Website Designer

Naina Durga designed our website. She is a User Experience (UX) Designer by day and writer/poet by night. Naina is a current student an Barnard College, Columbia University interested in Aritficial Intelligence, society and technology. 


Jessie Sheldon - Cover Artist

Jessie Sheldon is a roaming, west coast based illustrator and printmaker currently perched in the southern Sierra Nevada. Jessie loves working with a variety of authors, storytellers, or anyone with an art project in mind to help bring ideas to life. Jessie recently graduated from Colorado College with a B.A. in environmental science and studio art. More of her work can be found at

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Nik Bluebird Lane - Episode Artist

Born and raised in Colorful Colorado, Nik Bluebird Lane has always been drawn to the brightest hues of nature. Capturing figures on canvas, Blue draws from their experience as an agender artist to celebrate the unique identities of their subjects, and foster community and connection.  Blue graduated with an Associate of Fine Arts Degree from Red Rocks Community College in 2018, and a Bachelor of Sociology Degree from Colorado College in 2021. See more of their work on Instagram


Andrew Dewey - Composer

Andrew Dewey is a Denver based composer who has written works ranging from operas to duets, orchestral pieces to solo works, and musicals to soundtracks. You can see the whole spectrum of his work at


Metzli Nieves - Social Media Designer

Metzli L Nieves is a fourth year student at Barnard College pursuing a B.A. in sociology and education studies. Apart from being an activist for undocumented youth, she has been an artist for the last 7 years. She has previously interned at the Children's Defense Fund, the UCLA Labor Center, and is currently working as a social media fellow at the New York State Youth Leadership Council. 

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