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What is People • Place • Power?

People • Place • Power is a podcast that explores big questions about activism through the eyes of changemakers around the world who are creating change in unprecedented and underreported ways.


The podcast questions traditional notions of who has power, highlighting the work of activists, usually women and people of color, who gather strength from their communities to affect change.

Our Mission: Solidarity Through Storytelling

Our Listeners

While studying human rights focused media, Trisha Mukherjee and Benjamin Swift were struck by the fact that we read stories about people who are facing human rights crises, but as readers, we didn't know how to help. These stories serve as education and entertainment for likely privileged, white, western audiences, but provide few pathways to build solidarity with the people whose struggles are portrayed. Journalists often do little to facilitate these connections. 

We believe that as storytellers, we have a responsibility to build solidarity with our guests.

To this effect, we direct our listeners to a small nonprofit or fundraiser that has been instrumental to our guest's work at the end of each episode. We also post about the nonprofit on our pages and encourage listeners to donate, share, and support their work.


Our listeners include college students, concerned citizens, academics studying human rights related topics, members of the communities we highlight, aspiring or career activists creating change in their own communities, or anyone who just likes a good story.

Publishing Schedule

People • Place • Power releases weekly, alternating between full episodes and Activist Chats.

Full episodes are deeply researched, highly produced, and run anywhere from 30-50 minutes. These episodes include historical context, a narrative arc, and sound design. Listeners are transported to the activist's world.

Activist Chats are deeply inspiring 15 minute conversations with activists about why they do what they do.


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