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Episode 1: Can Humor Heal?

Adrianne Chalepah was never afraid to speak out. Growing up, she couldn’t keep quiet when her teachers brushed over Native American history and tradition, calling Native Peoples “basically Asian.” Adrianne talked back and was subsequently punished by her teachers for having a big mouth.  


Today, Adrianne brings her “big mouth” to the stage as a comedian. She jokes about being Native in the US not only as a way to release all that energy, but to help her communities heal from the trauma, past and present, that the US government has inflicted on Native people.  


Listen to our first episode to learn how Adrianne is creating change through comedy.



Read the full transcript here.

Get Involved

  • Read more about Adrianne's comedy group, Ladies of Native Comedy.

  • Learn more and donate to IllumiNatives, which is working to increase the visibility of – and challenge the negative narrative about – Native Nations and peoples in American society.


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