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Episode 4: Across the River, Worlds Away

For Abby Stein, home was the insulated Hasidic neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She came from a lineage of prominent religious figures, and grew up speaking mostly Yiddish, avoiding any and all pop culture, and believing that most of the world was Ultra-Orthodox Jewish. Eventually, she was ordained as a Rabbi and started a family.  


The only problem? Everyone thought she was a man.  


In this episode, we'll hear about Abby's experiences as an author, model, speaker, rabbi, and the first openly transgender woman raised in a Hasidic community. She'll tell us how she left her home and her family and learned to live a vastly different life only a short subway ride away. We'll explore how Abby is pursuing change in her community from the outside. 



Read the full transcript -- coming soon!

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  • To support people who are considering leaving their religious communities, donate to Footsteps, the non-profit that helped Abby.


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